Magic: Torpor of the Unfathomable Void

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Torpor of the Unfathomable Void
World: Abyss of the Lost

The Torpor calls upon the six planes of the Heavens and the six planes of the Underworlds within the Abyss, the physical realm obviously lying between the two. Practitioners innately feel a closeness to the Sunyé, and are more aware of the call of the Pramadya. As such, each spell reflects a different value of Pramadya; where a fully mastered practitioner of the school will have a balance of zero. This value directly reflects the call of the Pramadya to the individual Caster, of which the effects are FOIP. While practitioners would be advised by their seniors to remain closer to zero, this is not required, and entirely up to the player.

The largest informal network of occultists and practitioners of this school call themselves the Vidyadhara. They practice a form of magic known as the Torpor of the Unfathomable Void. There is no formal process of joining the Vidyadhara, nor is there any specific practices that differ radically from the mainstream of Rakshasa society. Unlike the Garuda School, they do not conceal their identities, and often work in the open to hunt and control the angered spirits that ravage cities and outposts. The Vidyadhara do however have a much stronger scholarly bent to their lives than their compatriots, and are often sought for council.

Not all practitioners may be Vidyadhara. Denizens that have unravelled the mysteries of the Torpor of the Unfathomable Void have inadvertently taken up the mantle of being tied to the constant flow of never ending Pramadya. Watching the ebb and flow recede further and further, Casters of the Torpor of the Unfathomable Void undertake their own journey of inner reflection. Whether seeking answers or seeking nothingness, the call of the Void, known as Sunyé, only grows stronger. Negative Karmic actions and spells intensifies this call. Denizens of the Abyss of the Lost are neither feared nor revered for these abilities. Rather, this is a tool that points to the inner reflection and true of the Rakshasa; how close are they to falling into complete darkness and decay? How long until their anger becomes uncontrollable?

Packet color for the Torpor of the Unfathomable Void spells are royal blue.


One With the Void
Silence of the Darkest Depths
The Impervious Akupara
Tracking the Unseen World
Return from the Void
Pacify the Angered Soul
Siren of the Abyssal Plain
Call of the Pramadya
Naga’s Jagged Teeth
Maw of the Voracious Kala
Chaos, In All Things
Donning the Ethereal Mein


Reflection of the Stars
Remembering the Fallen Star
Pujari of the Angered Spirit
Trials of Vigilance
Peer into the Void
Scavenger of Coral
The City is Death
Interrogate the Interlopers
This Too Has Passed
Blood for the Vidyadhara
Death Speaks Louder
Maring the Placid Ocean