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The WineDark Seas ... sp=sharing

Now it is Men who suffer the Gods to live and only in servitude. In this decrepit time, the few remaining Gods are forced to worship and serve humanity and only humanity can answer a God’s prayers. By answering the prayers and giving the Gods their surcease, the mortal is given the power and blessings of the Gods. The Gull­Hunters who hold these Gods in bondage control these transfers of power closely. In solitude sits the Isle of Firs and Poinsettias, not marked on any map, for it is not a place where mortals are permitted to dwell. And yet, dwell there they do: observing that the Gods do not escape their crafted prison. This arrangement has come at a cost that is heavier and heavier with the passing centuries. The seas have been cursed by the Lord of the Leagues, and only those who suffer The Lord’s Burden can lead a ship through the bitter straits and narrows which make up a majority of the world’s sea lanes. Likewise, the Lady of Kisses has planted a seed of poison in her greatest gift, True Love. No mortal can experience this bliss without also knowing the torment of love unfulfilled, twisted by dire’st tragedy.

And yet, it only came to this because of the neglect of the Sun King, highest of all the Gods and source of life. His lack of temperance is the very quality which lost his esteem in the eyes of Men. Just as the Gods had risen to subjugate and eventually annihilate their Titanic betters, so too did Mankind. But unlike the Gods, humanity has no lessers to carry on this cycle. The dwindling and corrupt mortal society is the last of the line: a curtain to fall upon the WineDark Seas and its dizzying wonders before the Unspeakable Maelstrom swallows it all.
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